Bolivia. Former President Janine Anez was transferred to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in La Paz


La Paz: former interim president of L. Bolivia, Janine AnezOn Saturday, he was transferred from Felcc to The Prosecutor’s Office in La Paz To submit your statement.

This morning the former transitional president was transferred to Fellek’s cells, then transferred in a police car to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in La Paz to give her media statement as part of the investigation process into the alleged “coup” in 2019 against. Evo Morales.

At the time of the transfer, the president described her fear as “absolute anger” and told the media that it was “political intimidation” and that behind the whole process is the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS), the party President Louis Ars And former President Morales (2006-2019).

Ones said she would go to international bodies because her “status as a former president” was not respected, and she emphasized that she had pursued “the constitutional succession”.

Meanwhile, former caretaker ministers in the government of Áñez de Justicia, Alvaro Coimbra, and Alvaro Guzmán of the energy company, continue at the Felcc offices.

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Former Transitional Minister Coimbra told the press when he was transferred to Fellk’s office that it was a “political process”.

“What they’re doing to me is a legal deviation,” said Coimbra, when he returned to Fellek’s cells.

Ñez was flown at dawn on Saturday on a Hercules plane from the United States Bolivian Air Force From Amazon Benny to La Paz, under heavy police guard.

For his part, the Minister of the Interior (Interior), Eduardo del Castillo, indicated that “political persecution” does not take place, as the Bolivian opposition denounces it, and referred to Anez as a “former senator.”

Former President Evo Morales indicated on social media that “for the sake of justice and truth for the 36 victims”, the injured and injured. He was arrested “illegally” in the “coup” The case is being investigated.

“That the perpetrators and accomplices of the dictatorship that plundered the economy and assaulted life, be investigated. Bolivian democracyMorales wrote on Twitter.

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Nez and the two former interim ministers who were arrested are accused of committing the alleged crimes related toSedition terror During the 2019 crisis after the failed elections that led to Evo Morales resigning from the presidency.

Arrest warrants have also been issued for former transitional government minister Arturo Murillo, defense minister Luis Fernando Lopez, and former police chiefs.

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