They found a tooth in a man’s nose in the United States

Unusually, a tooth was found in a man’s nose that was full. Photo: Getty

The extravagance In the teeth It can happen, but their backs where they shouldn’t go is another thing. who are they amazing stories that occur in real life, we find a rather strange fact in United State, since a man Complaining about not being able to breathe well, a age Exactly in your nose.

Does a man have a tooth in his nose?

Yes, this shocking news was known thanks to magazine The New England Journal of Medicine A few days ago through web portal; There highlighted that a man they found him age in that noseAnd after some tests such as computed tomography:

A 38-year-old male came to the ENT clinic with a long history of difficulty breathing through the right nostril. Rhinoscopy and computed tomography showed an inverted ectopic tooth in the nasal cavity.”

The New England Journal of Medicine

After this shocking result, Health Corps analyzed the case in a more detailed manner and after a conversation with patient, it was decided that age On the nose It must be so extractor.

  • distance surgical procedureThe man managed to get rid of such an annoying thing in his body

distance recovery timeDoctors appreciate this man To see how it evolved after removing the unusual age from him nose. After a general examination, they realized that the patient was fine and no longer had breathing problems.

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