They offer certification for a general medicine degree from the UAQ

They offer certification for a general medicine degree from the UAQ

The authorities of the Autonomous University of Querétaro and the Faculty of Medicine celebrated the handing over of the plaque certifying a degree in general medicine to this institution by the Mexican Council for Accreditation of Medical Education (Comaem), this will allow said program to be at the international forefront in medical education.

During the ceremony at the college’s facilities, University President Teresa García-Jasca congratulated the medical community for the continuous improvement efforts that allow the university to move forward. He also noted that thanks to this, graduates should have the confidence that they have the necessary knowledge to be competitive.

“The fact that this accreditation has also been given international status tells us that the work has been done well and that we are on the right track. Internationalization is one of the goals of our university (…). What accreditation means, whether it is at the national or international level, is that we guarantee To our graduates that they will perform at the best quality.”

On the other hand, Dr. Guadalupe Zaldivar Lillo de Larrea, Director of the College of Medicine, confirmed that the Comaem certificate is a global quality mark, and thanked the community members for their contribution to the embodiment of this achievement.

Dr. Juan Hernandez Hernandez, Technical and Operational Secretary of Comaim, was responsible for handing over the accreditation certificate to the university authorities, as he confirmed that this is a general, non-governmental recognition granted by the Council to medicine programs that comply with the standards, indicators and quality standards set by this body in the areas of structure, organization, operation and inputs Teaching processes, services and outcomes.

“To the extent that the program has good training, the results are better for society. An accredited program provides security that meets national and international requirements so that medical education is achieved at high levels of quality. An applicant to study an accredited program or who is already studying, can be confident,” he added. that his preparation will be well directed and that it requires only his effort to achieve what the program has to offer.”

Dr. Miguel Angel Rangel Alvarado, Coordinator of the General Medicine Degree at Umm Al-Qura University, recognized the importance of the accreditation body, as an entity accredited by recognized national and international organizations, and for this reason an evaluation of the educational program was sought. He said, for academic excellence.

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