Fines for election offenses can be invested in Science and Technology – St. Louis Code – Online newspaper

Representative Edmundo Azael Torrescano Medina presented an initiative to reform Article 40 of the State Electoral Law, so that the resources obtained through the application of economic sanctions deriving from infractions committed by persons subject to the system of electoral sanctions, are directed to the Botosino Council of Science and Technology.

It is a decentralized public body responsible for promoting, encouraging and developing science, technology and innovation. The above resources may not be used for personal services or concepts other than strategic projects, directly related to science, technology and innovation.

She adds that the implementation of the penalties will be through withholding their regular expenses, without the aforementioned deduction exceeding 20 percent of their monthly contributions.

In the current law “we can note the omission that has occurred, by not indicating that the resources of fines imposed on political parties will be allocated to the Botosino Council of Science and Technology (COPOCYT), for which it is necessary to make a change in the wording of the said article “.

Left as it is, it limits the participation of non-state educational institutions, including public research centers; It requires the creation of new standard tools for resource allocation through Trust 18397 though the Operating Rules for Trust 23871 have been published in the State Gazette, and again requires management, operation and fiduciary cost of two Trusts, while the resource of Trust 23871 has been depleted.

The reform initiative was referred to the relevant committees for analysis and opinion.

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