They suspended the premiere of the new movie by Luis Estrada due to disagreement with Netflix

They suspended the premiere of the new movie by Luis Estrada due to disagreement with Netflix

The director of the satirical film about the current government, Long Live Mexico!, must “return” the rights, which means he must pay the broadcasting company for performances in theaters

Mexico City, November 3, 2022. Although the premiere in the national theaters of “Qué viva México!” , qualified by its author, Luis Estrada (Herod’s LawAnd the Hell), as its most ambitious political satire centered on the current government of the so-called Fourth Transformation (4T), the show has been paused both in theaters and on the Netflix platform.

Estrada, the producer, director, and co-writer of this three-hour, 11-minute film, and the broadcasting giant couldn’t reach an agreement on the terms of its release in major theaters.

“We are excited to be working with Maestro Luis Estrada on his new film Que viva México! However, in recent weeks, the director and producer have expressed an interest in implementing a different distribution strategy than the one agreed upon. We want to honor that vision and that is why we have agreed to reinstate Film rights to him.

Estrada explained to Reforma that “returning the rights” means he’ll have to pay the broadcasting company to be able to premiere in theaters.

The author of the book said ideal dictatorshipthe film that parodies the six-year period of Enrique Peña Nieto.

Estrada realized that defending his work so that it could be appreciated in its natural space (movie theaters) would mean a major economic commitment, however, he thanked Netflix, the house that now owns the rights to transfer all of his movies.

Based on these new terms, the director will be the owner of the so-called “theatrical” rights (for projections in commercial theaters) and Netflix for its online distribution.

After the first trade show, Hey Mexico! It’s coming to Netflix, where it can be enjoyed by our members around the world. We will share more information about the new release date in due course,” this is determined by the American company, which was scheduled to premiere on its platform on November 16, with an arrival in 190 countries in 32 languages ​​and with 222 million potential viewers.

Estrada has been rejected five times by cultural and film authorities during the current administration, and has partnered with the broadcasting company to make this tragic comedy a reality, which, without euphemisms, portrays Mexican society and its political class in the face of polarization and intolerance.

Text: Hugo Lazcano / Reforma Agency

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