Where does the fictional nation of Wakanda fit into our world?

Where does the fictional nation of Wakanda fit into our world?

In the Marvel Universe, Wakanda is considered the most powerful country on Earth, but it has been hidden from the rest of the world for centuries due to its amazing natural resource, Vibranium.

There is nothing left to release him Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverAnd the Where we can return to the fictional African city, the home of the superhero Black Panther. Wakanda It is a fictional country that originated in Marvel comics and created the legendary Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The nation is full of mysticism inherited from the ancestors along with the latest technology, since we are talking about the most advanced country in the world thanks to its most valuable natural resources, vibranium.

The origin of Wakanda

The history of the African country goes back 10,000 years, when Pachengathe first Black Pantherunite a nation Wakanda He became her first king. At some point, the country was struck by a meteorite made of a strange mineral called vibraniumAble to absorb sound and vibration.

Realizing that the mineral will attract people who want to manipulate and control his people to control the precious metal, the father of T’Challathe king T’Chaka, descendant PachengaHe decided to close the borders of his kingdom to protect it from external evil.

The amazing features of vibranium It allowed the African nation to develop technology far more advanced than the rest of the world, making it Wakanda In the most advanced and wealthy regions of the world, thanks to its progress and innovation in the field of science and its economy related to precious metals.


Where is Wakanda?

As we said before, the country of origin T’Challa It does not exist in real life, it is a fictional nation of marvel universe. Despite this, La casa de las ideas tend to place the country in different regions, and fit in with the rest of the African continent, although its location has tended to vary over the years.

At some moments, it is a country vibranium was located north Lake TurkanaEnter EthiopiaAnd the KenyaAnd the South Sudan s Ugandasurrounded at the same time by other imaginary countries marvel How AzaniaAnd the Narubia s Canaan. In the following map you can see a nation Wakanda In blue, surrounded by its neighbors.


In other posts from marvelthe fictional country north was created Tanzanialocated to the west of Lake Victoria. This last site appears to be the site also used in a movie MCU, Black Panther, Because in the initial interpretation of the country’s history, they place it in that region. In the image below, you can also see that the country is surrounded by other imaginary countries Marvel Comics.

Wakanda Map 1

Of course it makes sense in the world that the country loves her Wakanda It is located next to a large area of ​​the water. The African country has a history full of conflicts and wars with another very powerful country in the universe marvelAnd the Atlantisthe water city ruled by submarine namur, The first mutant in history Marvel Comics.

in a movie Wakanda forever We will be able to see the fighting between countries Wakanda s Talocan (The Atlantis From UCM Based on Mexican legends), where we can see what’s new Black Panther (Everything indicates that she will be a female character) And on namur From Tenoc Huerta.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Opens November 11 in theaters around the world. According to the first reviews of the tape, the 30th film of UCM can be What he did best Marvel Studiosmany say that the movie is a tribute Chadwick Bosman And the development of all characters and action will not disappoint any fans marvel.

Black Panther 2 Chadwick Boseman

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