This is how it blew up on Mars, NASA shares new photos

This is how it blew up on Mars, NASA shares new photos
This is how it blew up on Mars, NASA shares new photos
NASA has released a series of images of a sunrise on Mars taken by its InSight probe. Photo: NASA

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Revealed a series of images of the sunrise on the surface of Mars who took him Sonar InSight Who is exploring the red planet?

NASA has shared a series of photos it took of the sunrise on Mars Insight from the next planet On the tenth of April.

The image was taken from the area known as Elysium Planitia, “NASA’s InSight Mars probe captured this image using Robotic Arm Mounted Device Deployment Camera (IDC)‘, the space agency reported.

The InSight rover has two scientific objectives, one of which isUnderstanding the formation and evolution of the red planet The internal processes of Mars and the determination of the current level of tectonic activity and the rate of impact of a meteorite on the planet.

second goal He knows how Mars formedUnderstand their patterns that will help prepare for human exploration of the planet.

The InSight rover isn’t the only robot in it NASA on Marsin the orbit of Mars is the Perseverance, in addition to the presence of the Ingenuity Helicopter, which collects data from the neighboring planet.

The length of days varies in each planet Solar System Because their rotation speeds are different. On Mercury, a day lasts 1408 hours and on Venus it lasts 5832 hours.

On Earth and Mars have similar periods. The Earth takes 24 hours to rotate on its axis. While The flight on Mars takes 25 hours.

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