This is the first cheap Samsung mobile to be updated to Android 13 with One UI 5 Beta

This is the first cheap Samsung mobile to be updated to Android 13 with One UI 5 Beta

You will soon be able to experience Android 13 with One UI 5 on your Samsung Galaxy A52.

after it started Deploy Android 13 for Galaxy S21 s Galaxy S22And the Samsung To give the opportunity to test latest android version For owners of one of its most popular smartphones in recent years.

through Samsung Official Forumit has been confirmed that One UI 5 beta program based on Android 13 Available now for Galaxy A52This is Samsung’s first mid-range model compatible with Android 13 beta.

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G screen in hand

Samsung Galaxy A52 is one of the first mobile phones of the brand to receive Android 13.

Samsung updates Galaxy A52 to the latest Android version

Samsung was one of the first brands to open the Android 13 beta program, starting with the most advanced models in its catalog. We’ve learned that sooner or later mid-range A-series models will also receive preview builds of One UI 5, before the final version rolls out (which should start sometime between now and the end of the year).

Now, Samsung has decided it’s time Android 13 offers for Galaxy A52 owners. As verified, the demo program actually appears in a file Samsung Members appUsers in some countries can already sign up for the program to try out the new version.

One UI 5 Beta for Samsung Galaxy A52

One UI 5 beta software for the Galaxy A52 is now listed on Samsung Members.

Currently, The beta program is only open in Indiabut is expected to open in the next few days in the rest of the regions, including Europe.

Once available, users will only have to Accessing the Samsung Members app Turning to the notice corresponding to the program. Finally, it is enough to join the beta version and wait for the update to be available for download.

OneUI 5 Submit Lots of updates In Samsung mobile phones, other than the changes in Android 13. However, it is possible that this first beta version does not contain all the news, rather it will arrive with time and the arrival of various updates.

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