A fearsome shark is pulled from the depths of the ocean and has baffled scientists – teach me about science

A fearsome shark is pulled from the depths of the ocean and has baffled scientists – teach me about science

Nature never ceases to amaze us and as much as man has tried to decipher all its mysteries, this seems an impossible task, because every time scientists come close to providing a logical explanation for an animal phenomenon or behavior, new events and new species are discovered. That generates new doubts and paradigms.

What has been thought of so far with the help of the scientific method is that an endless cycle takes place, in which species become extinct due to changes in the environment, giving way to those that have managed to survive, through evolutionary adaptation and readiness for the emergence of new life forms.

Man has shown great interest in trying to understand the biotic and abiotic interactions that occur at all levels, with which we share time and space. The mission that has been developed since the existence of man on this planet.

With the known information, alternatives are being sought that allow the survival of the species, while ensuring the survival of the human being himself. However, the rapid pace of life, exploitation of natural resources to meet the high demand of the population, has generated excessive pollution, negatively impacted all ecosystems, and promotes the acceleration of climate change.

Thanks to these actions, entire communities of different species have reached their severe decline, and even extinction.

But, just as thousands of species have disappeared that we were aware of, the fact is that the number of plants and animals that are still being discovered is surprising and interesting among the scientific community.

Certainly, from places that are still unknown to man because of the vastness and depth of the oceans. The appearance of this specimen underscores how little we know about the environment in which life is believed to have originated.

We will take for example the discovery of a strange shark that was dragged to Australian coasts from deep water. This animal, with a special anatomy, has prominent and clear eyes, as well as an annoying smile, very similar to the smile of humans.

Shark experts were quick to judge, unable to determine which family the specimen might belong to.

The way this animal was discovered was thanks to the fisherman Trapman Bermagui, who was responsible for hunting this mysterious shark, in front of objects from New South Wales, Australia.

The hunter shared the animal’s picture in Facebook, Where you can feel the kind of rough skin covering the skeleton, certainly cartilaginous, of this rare specimen. Users on social networks did not take long to be present, expressing comments of astonishment and fear at the physical appearance of the shark.

He said, “It’s a swallow shark.” life In an email to Brett Vinucci, a fisheries scientist at New Zealand’s National Water and Atmospheric Research Institute who specializes in deep-sea sharks. However, he added, it was not clear exactly what kind of group he belonged to.

However, the identification aroused considerable controversy in the guild, with the hope that it would soon be possible to clarify whether it was really a new species or whether the scientist Finucci was right.

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