This is the most hygienic way to clean yourself after going to the bathroom, according to science – Enséñame de Ciencia

This is the most hygienic way to clean yourself after going to the bathroom, according to science – Enséñame de Ciencia
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Personal hygiene is an essential part of Day after day, One of the key moments in this sense is after using the bathroom. Science Moderna has carefully analyzed available cleaning methodsAlthough Toilet tissue It is the most common, and it has certain disadvantages that we must Consider seriously.

Disadvantages of toilet paper

Toilet paper was invented in the 19th century Standard in most homes. However, its use is not so Effective as you might think. First, toilet paper does not always completely remove fecal waste. This can lead to skin irritation and problems. healthespecially in people with the conditions Such as hemorrhoids or fissures annals. In addition, toilet paper can be used It causes micro tears in the sensitive skin of the anal area, which increases Risk of infection.

Another major disadvantage of toilet paper is that… Environmental impact. Toilet paper production requires a large amount of… Water and treesTheir disposal contributes to loading waste into sewage networks. in Many places in the worldToilet paper is not Biodegradablewhich further aggravates Pollution problems.

How did our ancestors “clean themselves”?

Before the invention of toilet paper, ancient civilizations used a variety of methods to clean themselves. After defecation. In ancient Egypt they were used Soft stones and water. The Romans had a system of communal sponges tied to a stick, known as “Tesorium“, which They were immersed in salt water or vinegar to clean themselves. In Asia, leaves, sticks, and water have been used for thousands of years. In India, for example, it is common to use water and the left hand for cleaning, followed by a Strict hand washing.

these Methodsalthough it may seem primitive than A From a modern perspective, there is one thing in common: water use. Water is a natural cleaning agent Which can remove waste more effectively than paper. Furthermore, the use of water reduces friction and thus reduces the risk of injury Irritation and microtears On the skin.

The best choice

In recent decades, wet wipes have gained popularity as a cleaner alternative. Healthy for toilet paper, it's actually the healthiest choice according to science. These wipes are infused with a gentle cleaning solution that not only removes stool residue, but also… It also moisturizes and soothes Fur. This is especially useful for people with sensitive or sensitive skin Conditions such as hemorrhoids.

Wet wipes, the best and most hygienic way to clean yourself after going to the bathroom. Source: Getty Images

Wet wipes provide a more thorough and effective clean. Studies have shown that wet wipes can eliminate more bacteria than wet wipes Toilet tissue. Moreover, its use significantly reduces the risk of infection Irritation and microtearsBecause it requires less Friction to clean properly.

It is important to keep in mind, However, not all wet wipes are biodegradable.. When choosing wet wipes, it is It is necessary to choose biodegradable ones Or designed to disintegrate in Sewage To reduce the impact Environmental.

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