This is the most watched series on Netflix; This project is governed by statistics in the United States


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Netflix is ​​largely the streaming giant for having great projects and series like House of Cards and most recently with Elite, Casa de Papel, Luis Miguel and Lubin, To mention some of what caught the attention of subscribers to the application since the first day of its launch. But despite this, none of these are the most watched.

On this occasion the consulting company شركة Nielsen revealed some stats about the most watched series on the platformWhere it surprised many was that it wasn’t the Elite and Lupine series that launched their new season in recent weeks. To the surprise of many, it was Lucifer, the project that launched another season at the end of May.

What was not expected is that this series will have an audience record for Netflix, so much so that there is talk 1.3 billion minutes watchedThis, according to the consultancy, is because the platform did not reveal the statistics of the season five premiere of Part Two. What Nielsen confirmed was that the last batch made on May 28 was a success.

These statistics revealed the tastes of the people in America, Therefore, they did not take into account international statistics, in addition to counting only TVs on which Netflix was used, that is, other devices were not considered, so it does not make them the most watched for the entire platform, only in Uncle’s lands. Toxic.

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Among the statistics provided by Nielsen, it was confirmed that it got much more views than one of the most awaited films in the American Federation such as The army of the dead that had 786 million minutes; In addition to surpassing classic television in the United States such as Grey’s Anthomi – $633 million.

In Netflix stats, it counts as showing just 2 minutes after the set programming, But in the case of Lucifer, he did not reveal the number of views in the US and internationally, where he also became a hit from the first minute of its release.


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