This is the reason why dogs cry when they are reunited with their owners

This is the reason why dogs cry when they are reunited with their owners

Quick tail wagging, hopping, and irrepressible licking: these are signs all dog owners often experience in boisterous encounters with their animals after a long parting.

However, in this list of obvious behaviors, there is a more conservative one. Dogs also produce tears when reunited with their owners, Researchers showed in a study published Monday by the journal Current Biology.

We’ve never heard of animals shedding tears in happy situations.Takefumi Kikusui, one of the study’s authors, from Azabu University in Japan, said in a statement, for example when reuniting with the owners.

The researchers measured the amount of tears under the eyelids using a common test called the Schirmer test, and then compared it to an elevated level, such as when a dog meets its owner or its usual space.

After a period of five to seven hours of separation, the number of tears increased “significantly” five minutes after she was reunited with her owner.

The crying volume was also higher when comparing the companion reunion with another person.

According to researchers, tear production is associated with the presence of The “love hormone” or oxytocin.

For their part, the researchers in this bizarre study also tried to understand the functional part of these tears. To do this, they asked owners to request pictures of their dogs based on which of them they were most excited about taking care of.

According to the study, images in which artificial tears were applied to dogs ranked “significantly” higher.

“Dogs may have wet eyes during interactions which makes them take care of them moreTakefumi Kikusui explained about this characteristic that is also found in infants.

on your side, Domesticated dogs, like any other animal, have developed specific abilities to communicate It has been shown that eye contact forms the relationship between the animal and the owner.

The researchers now want to study whether dogs cry when they meet other dogs.

Dogs: What are the reasons why they wag their tails?

Communication between a dog and a human depends, for the most part, on non-verbal and physical forms of expression. In fact, according to the study The evolutionary approach to communication between humans and dogs, Dogs have evolved the ability to read human movements to better adapt to societies.

In this context, the movement of a dog’s tail is one of the most important signs when it comes to analyzing communication between dogs and their owners.

Neuroscientists at the University of Trento in Italy have discovered that these movements contain meanings beyond happiness or emotion. Moreover, dogs wag their tails to one side or the other depending on the stimulus that triggers this reaction.

If the dog’s back is tilted to the right while wagging its tail, this means that the animal wants to get close to something or a person. Whereas if dogs move their tail to the left, it is likely that they are facing another dog showing aggressive behavior or, on the other hand, it is a reaction that indicates a stimulus that causes him to fear.

in addition to, The researchers concluded that movement speed is also related to stimuli. The faster the dog wags its tail, the more excited it will be to approach the individual. Tail wag is a behavior that dogs develop between three and four weeks of age.

*With information from AFP.

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