This is what 3D cities would look like using Google Maps

This is what 3D cities would look like using Google Maps

Over the years, Google has added new functions and improved the experience so that the application has become more and more complete and intuitive, which is why there is a new update that allows you to see tracks in 3D.

Last year, the company announced the immersive view feature to delve deeper into 3D city buildings powered by millions of images and now it goes even further by revealing the immersive view of roads.

The announcement was made as part of the Google I/O developer conference, which took place this Wednesday in California.

In this way, Google has demonstrated that the developments in this version have a lot to do with the development of artificial intelligence, which allows “to combine billions of aerial images from Street View and create a comprehensive digital model of the world”.

The functionality will be gradually integrated in different cities around the world, so Google has stated that it will start rolling out the universal view in the coming months and it is expected that by the end of this year users will be able to start using it on their phones.

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