This is what Hans Zimmer synthesized for the new electric BMW.

This is what Hans Zimmer synthesized for the new electric BMW.

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While authoring Netflix Theatrical Tune s Ringtone for new OPPO phonesHans Zimmer took the time to compose the synthetic engine sound for the new electric BMW, too.

Zimmer is an Oscar-winning German composer for the soundtrack to The Lion KingPlus countless Confessions To work on Thelma and LouiseAnd the Rain ManAnd the The wrestlerAnd the The Dark KnightAnd the Its upbringing e Interstellar. Now he is accepting exciting requests from big brands.

On this occasion, BMW asked him to design the soundtracks for its first M-Series electric vehicles: the BMW i4 M and BMW iX M.

Zimmer had already composed, with Renzo Vitale, The BMW i4 engine sound. The new M Series has a slightly less futuristic sound, “laden with extra power”. Depending a Release BMW:

The transmission system note shows a less symmetrical, yet stimulating and technical vocal profile. Acceleration causes intense condensation to develop the sound, authentically reflecting the car’s performance personality. “When you hit the pedal of the M, you suddenly get chills all over your body,” says sound designer Renzo Vitale. “We translate this feeling into an impulsive sound that expresses the fusion of a higher energy and fluid energy.”

In other words, it looks like a combination of a classic engine with You see. But it is only included with BMW iX M. For BMW i4 M it must be purchased as an add-on. The package is called “BMW IconicSounds Electric” and it is a preview of the future that lies ahead, as all electric cars ring in their path.

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