This novelty of WhatsApp no ​​one asked for! But I’m not bad…

This novelty of WhatsApp no ​​one asked for!  But I’m not bad…

from time to time The WhatsApp He updates his application with more or less interesting news. It just arrived today and it’s ready for everyone, but you may not have missed or ordered it. Whatsapp only Update your voice notes To make it look a little different, and equally useful, and more complex. It’s an easy-to-understand change, but it contributes little. It’s more Nice It has a bit of work behind it, but, in our opinion, it doesn’t increase the utility level in Voice notes.

Voice notes with sound waves in WhatsApp

For a few days, users have been receiving a file Update Minor on the server side. OTA received from automatically It is not necessary to update the application from Google Play. One of the most important aesthetic changes is New way to view WhatsApp voice notes.

Now when you receive – or send – a voice memo, you won’t see a fixed time bar anymore. This has changed and now a series of vertical bars They try to imitate sound waves. It’s not really the waves, but Ultrasound or ultrasound representation which Leeds to Duration of certain notes.

The truth is that every audio note now allows you to see this little graph in which silences or moments when you speak very low are represented. It’s cool, but useless.

That is, if you receive a voice note, the normal thing is to listen to it and that’s it, You don’t need to know when a person is calm. Also, there is no information about the high or low volume.

It is very difficult to tell if a person is shouting, whispering, or speaking normally. The only job you have is to see when nothing is said. And, as we repeat, this seems to us very little use.

It is simply a file aesthetic update This “improves” the interface of the application which you will start to find in the coming days, if you haven’t already. And what about this WhatsApp update?


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