Tik Tok. A young woman is rejected by her boyfriend when he sees her without filters | video

Tik Tok.  A young woman is rejected by her boyfriend when he sees her without filters |  video

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Many times They use filters to hide some defects or Enhance your beautyHowever, misuse of these can cause some inconvenience. This is the user’s status Tik Tokwho told through some posts on the aforementioned social network that fu planted by a young man she was to meet after he had seen her in person, without filters.

the user – @ninoska_lamaestra1- Recognition Ninosca Rodriguez in Tik Tokexplains that he met a man on the Internet, who paid for a trip to him Washington And when the time came to meet face to face he deserted her.

The story of the young woman implanted due to excessive filters has gone viral on TikTok | capture

on your TikTok account, @ ninoska_lamaestra1 Share the story of the encounter with the boy. She said the young man had paid for her plane ticket to Washington, where he lived, so that she could fly from there Massachusetts to meet him. However, the young man did not find what he expected and saw a different version of the young woman without filters. I refuse it And he didn’t want anything with her.

Through the youth video He said his experience While it is seen how she returned to whence she came after the young man’s rejection.

To the man who paid for my trip to Washington and then saw me without a filter; he wanted nothing to do with me,” he wrote in the post.

The young woman had no choice but to do so Come and accept who admitted to abusing the filters.

“In fact I am guilty of misusing filters, he should have given himself the opportunity to get to know me more thoroughly,” he explained.

The video has an account With over 5 million views And many comments from users who expressed their opinions about this story that It didn’t have a happy ending.

“But in video calls you look at yourself as you are”; “At least pay for his trip, that’s the most important thing”; “I don’t understand why they put a filter”; “You have to be loyal from the start, naturally”; are some netizens opinions.


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