Tiktoker reveals secret codes to access more content on Netflix

Tiktoker reveals secret codes to access more content on Netflix
  • It is estimated that Mexico is the sixth country to consume streaming content on Netflix.

  • The active user base, registered under the digital platform in Mexico, exceeded 8.5 million during the last quarter of 2021.

  • Compulsory social distancing has helped cement a culture of digital entertainment consumption, in the new normal.

There are different sectors that have benefited greatly from the social distancing caused by the current health crisis, Including the world of gaming and streaming platformsWithin the latter, there are several platforms that have gained a place within the preferences of users, which are platforms such as Disney plus, Amazon, Netflix, who tops the popularity list; However, a recurring aspect among users is the laziness of not knowing what they want to see tiktoker has been assigned the task of revealing secret codes, with which you can access different secret menus on Netflix.

Netflix is ​​one of the main consumption bets for the new reality, in that it has streaming content, according to data provided by Statisticspoint out that only in Mexico The social network has just over 8.5 million users, which puts it in sixth place, Just below countries like United States, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Hence the importance of having various search options within the applicationas one user explained in a short video posted on the TikTok social network.

Tiktoker reveals secret Netflix codes

Netflix is ​​a platform with one of the most comprehensive catalogs of content, whether original, modified or remastered; However, there is a concern within the general conversation, as it is common that it is not possible to decide which movie you want to watch, which is why user of the digital platform and social network @TikToksoyhappytechas compiled some “secret” codes with which you can access special menus, presumably available in Netflix search engines.

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Within the short video you can see how tiktoker refers to a few codes, which are supposed to access the special and more specific menus, taking as an example Code 10944which shows you a series of options in horror-themed movies, while Code 5685 will show you all Korean movies Available within the app, in the same way code 4734 is indicated, will allow you to access a range of films related to science fiction and cult fiction.

It is worth noting that The validity and efficacy of the symbols are unknown, as these may vary depending on the country and region in which they operate; However, within the digital conversation created in networks, It can be seen that the use of these symbolsresults in a good strategy when seeking to segment movie and content options to watch on Netflix and access unusual options, allowing users to expand their cinematic panorama.

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