Tlaxcala, ready for the shooting world cup final

Tlaxcala, ready for the shooting world cup final

DrSince the beginning of this week they have started arriving TlaxcalaThe best shooters on the planet to take part in Archery World Cup Final to be implemented On the 15th and 16th of October.

The official start of the event Thursday, October 13, with the training of the athletes who will participate in the afternoon in Parade through the streets of the city’s First Square Then the opening ceremony will be held.

Friday, confession and formal practice staggered into the headquarters, while On Saturday, the morning session will begin with the women’s compound bow and the afternoon session with the men’s complex.

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To be held on Sunday, October 16th The women’s frequent bow competitions, in the morning, and the men’s branch closes the event, this way.

Who are the Mexicans who will compete in the World Cup Final in Tlaxcala?

The season’s top 32 shooters, 16 repeaters and 16 compounds, of both sexes, from 17 countries will compete for the highest annual honors in shooting; Among them Olympic and World Medalists and Tour ChampionsWho will seek to win the title of the sixteenth edition of the World Cup.

This is what the streets of Tlaxcala’s first painting look like | global shooting

Mexico will represent the Olympic medalist, Alexandra Valencia And the little pan-American hero, Jesus Angel Floresboth specialize in the recurring arc.

In the compound bow, they will compete: Andrea BecerraAmerica’s runner-up and World Games champion; Beside Miguel Becerra and Daphne Quintero.

Here is a list of all participants:

Rank in Recurve Bow for Ladies:

Alexandra Valencia, Mexico

Briony Bateman, Great Britain

Choi Mason, South Korea

Ansan, South Korea

Katharina Bauer, Germany

Japan’s water Otanos

Kuo Tzu Ying, Chinese Taipei

Peng Xia Mao, Chinese Taipei

repetitive manly

Jesus del Angel Flores Alans, Mexico

Miguel Alfario Garcia, Spain

Kim Woojin, South Korea

Marcos D’Almeida, Brazil

Kim Ji-deok, South Korea

Mauro Nespoli, Italy

Mete Gazouz, Turkey

Brady Ellison, USA

Qualified in the female compound bow

Daphne Valeria Quintero Garcia, Mexico

Andrea Maya Becerra Arizaga, Mexico

Ella Gibson, Great Britain

Kim Eunhee, South Korea

Sarah Lopez, Colombia

Alejandra Osciano, Colombia

Liselgatma, Estonia

Tania Glenthen, Denmark

Men’s complex:

Miguel Becerra Rivas, Mexico

Mike Schlosser, The Netherlands

Nicolas Girard, France

James Lutz, United States

Matthias Fullerton, Denmark

Jean-Philippe Bolch, France

Jean Pizarro, Puerto Rico

Braden Glenthen, United States

Where and how to watch the World Cup Final Shooting?

You can follow all the activities of the shooting world cup final Claro Sports and Marca ClaroOn October 15 and 16 from 10:00 AM CST Mexico and Colombia; 12:00 pm. from Argentina.

* Photo: Global Archery

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