TRUE! The security guard managed to score the puck; The video went viral

TRUE!  The security guard managed to score the puck;  The video went viral

Paranormal events are very rarely seen and rarely recorded, since most of the material on the Internet is either fake or edited. However, this time a clip has gone viral, raising suspicion even among the most skeptical, because the moment a supposed puck passes is seen.

Everything was filmed by a security guard from the National University of Lomas de Zamora in Argentina, and uploaded to social networks, where it quickly went global.

What happens in a paranormal video?

In the clip you can see how the security officer first records himself with the front camera, then turns the camera and zooms in on an area where some see it as a puck passing by.

“The night watchman spotted a strange, tiny creature crisscrossing on two legs and in the midst of fog across one of the inner streets inside the facility and connected to different areas,” said the account post shared by the original video.

Many think it is a montage, because the video quality is poor, as is often the case with all hack videos; Others think it may be true, but it’s not an imp, but some wild animal. However, there is an earlier video in which you hear horrific noises and laughter. Subsequently, the ranger allegedly went to search for the creature and recorded what appeared in the previous video.

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