Would you go to Antarctica, without internet or electricity, to count the penguins? NGOs will pay you two thousand dollars a month

Would you go to Antarctica, without internet or electricity, to count the penguins?  NGOs will pay you two thousand dollars a month

A UK NGO is looking for four new collaborators to join a project they are implementing in Antarctica. As shown through the social networks and website, where they invite their followers to join the “Great Opportunity”, potential applicants must be passionate about their work. How much will they earn? 2000 dollars per month.

it’s about Trash Trash Antarctica in the UK (okhat), a non-profit organization that supports Princess Anne and other members of the British royal family. “We have a fantastic opportunity for an experienced Chief of Operations to join our team to lead our programs in Antarctica and provide operational support here in the UK,” they said in the post. The selected people will work at the base of Goodyear Island, one kilometer north of Jougla Point at Port Lockroy, located in the Palmer Archipelago.

Strictly speaking, the people chosen for the position will have to stay for five months in Antarctica and among the jobs they will have to do Count and care for the penguin and other administrative activities.

“This is a role for someone who is passionate about Antarctica and protecting its heritage. You will enjoy the demands of remote program management, and you will have a head for strategy and an eye for detail,” they note in the post where they indicated that one of the positions would be Chief Operating Officer. There is a maximum time to apply.

The person to be selected must be based at the UK Post Office located in Port Lockroy. On the other hand, it was known that the salary that a person who would remain with the job would receive is $2200 a month.

“We have small dedicated teams in Antarctica and the UK that work hard to maintain our operations, preserve and share Antarctic heritage with the world. Each year we hire a team to lead and manage Port Lockroy in Antarctica and sometimes we also have opportunities to take on other specialist positions.

No heating or internet

The salary includes other tasks within the office, such as receiving and servicing tourists who travel to the island, and looking after the souvenir shop and small museum on the island and the conservation site.

Although the vacancy closed on Monday, April 25, those who wish can apply within four months, when registration opens again or pay attention to a new emergency reopening. At this time, interested parties will be able to arrange documents, as a business visa is required to be able to access the proposal.

According to the former head of the post office, Vicki Inglis, in an interview with CBC News, the port of Lockroy still lacks basic services. That is, there is no electricity, heating and much less Internet. In addition, at the time of the interview, they explained these conditions to their applicants to avoid surprises upon arrival in Antarctica. “We don’t have toilets and none of that, we don’t have any of the modern luxuries we are used to,” said the woman.

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Strictly speaking, the NGO employs between three and four people to serve as the primary leader, store manager, and general assistant, although the tasks alternate from time to time. And although applications outside the UK were and remain open, she makes clear that she does not care about the procedures needed to be able to get to work.

“At the interview stage, they will be asked to provide documents that prove their right to work. [en el Reino Unido]which may include passports, indefinite residence permits, visas or any other supporting documents,” they noted.

Those interested in working in Antarctica in the future can apply through the NGO link: Ukaht (UK Antarctic Heritage Trust), where news and projects implemented on the island are permanently uploaded from time to time.

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