Trump booed his supporters for a vaccination

Trump booed his supporters for a vaccination

Former US President Donald Trump It was an embarrassing moment on Saturday when, during a party attended by thousands of supporters Alabama, booed for recommending a program Vaccines against COVID-19.

“I totally believe in their freedoms, it’s true,” he assured thousands of people at Coleman, Alabama.

“Do what you think, but I recommend that you get vaccinated! I wear it, it’s good,get vaccinated! “He is complete.

Immediately I started hearing whistles and shouts of people.

Faced with the backlash, Trump said, “No, it’s okay. They have their freedoms, but it turns out I got the vaccine. If it doesn’t work, they’ll be the first to know.” That unleashed laughter from those present.

The truth, he insisted, was that the vaccine “works”.

At the same time, insist on the need to children go a The school.

His comments come amid a new wave of… Covid-19 in the United States happened because of delta variable.

In the United States, citizens can be vaccinated from the age of 12. However, there is great controversy, in the midst of Back to class, in schools about whether to make it mandatory Use of face masksOr even ask for a vaccine.

During his administration, Trump has long refused to recommend the use of face masks, even if he wears them himself. While in the presidency, he contracted Covid-19 and was hospitalized for it low oxygen. There he stayed for the weekend.

Later he confirmed that wearing a mask is a good idea.


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