Taliban warns of ‘consequences’ if US delays troop withdrawal from Afghanistan


Acceptance.- The Taliban They warned on Monday about it United State And their allies will face “consequences” if they delay their withdrawal from it Afghanistan, scheduled for August 31, is a possibility Washington is considering to continue chaotic evacuations at Kabul airport.

If the US or UK ask for more time to continue with evacuations, the answer is no. “Or there will be consequences,” Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen told Britain’s Sky News.

US President Joe Biden, under pressure from his allies, announced on Sunday the possibility of keeping troops beyond August 31 to continue the evacuation, which for Shaheen would mean “a prolongation of the occupation.”

The British government of Boris Johnson announced shortly before its intention to invite the United States to extend operations in Kabul beyond the deadline, during a virtual summit of the Group of Seven organized on Tuesday.

Since they seized power in Afghanistan on August 15, the Taliban They are trying to convince the population that their regime will be less brutal than the previous one, between 1996 and 2001. But their promises do not prevent the will of thousands to flee the country.

United State The White House said Sunday that it has already evacuated about 30,300 people since August 14, which it hopes to get 15,000 Americans and about 50,000 to 60,000 Afghans out of the country. Western countries moved in by thousands more.

The day before, the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, considered it “impossible” to evacuate everyone before August 31, in an interview with AFP.

To bolster the evacuation, Washington has ordered six major commercial airlines to bring evacuees in Kabul from US bases in the Gulf and Europe to the United States.

horrific pictures on airport Acceptance From an evacuation that included infants and children handed to soldiers among barbed wire and men dangling from planes at full takeoff, they have circled the globe.

The US President admitted that “there is no way to evacuate so many people without pain or loss and without heartbreaking images.”

Several people have already died in mysterious circumstances outside the airport. Added to this is the killing of an Afghan guard on Monday in a shootout with unknown assailants, which later implicated American and German soldiers, according to the German military.

Entire families are still waiting for a miracle to happen among the wires around the perimeter separating the Taliban from US forces in the vicinity of the airport, where access remains difficult.

Biden explained that this perimeter was extended with the consent of the Taliban, hours after blaming the leader of the fundamentalist movement, Amir Khan Muttaki. United State Chaos at the airport and I realized it wouldn’t last long.

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city Acceptance Records a certain calm. Taliban fighters patrol its streets and watch them from checkpoints.

Although a government has not yet been formed, negotiations are continuing with Afghan figures to form an “inclusive” government.

But the Taliban warned that it will not announce the formation of a new government as long as there are American soldiers. AfghanistanA source in the Islamic movement told AFP.

The fundamentalists, in turn, seek to impose an image of their authority, by replacing the Afghan tricolor with the white flag of the movement.

on a highway AcceptanceYoung men sold Taliban flags bearing black text with the declaration of Islam and the regime’s official name: “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan”.

“Our goal is to raise the flag of the Islamic Emirate throughout Afghanistan,” seller Ahmed Shakib, a university economics student, told AFP this weekend.

Abroad Acceptance There was an outbreak of resistance against Taliban. Some former government soldiers gathered in the Panjshir Valley, north of Kabul, which is known to be an anti-Taliban stronghold.

And the Taliban announced, on Monday, that it had surrounded the resistance fighters, despite its assertion that “they are trying to resolve this issue peacefully.”

Unconfirmed news in the evening reported clashes around the valley where former Vice President Amrullah Saleh took refuge and declared resistance against the fundamentalists.

On social media, pro-resistance accounts deny any progress of TalibanAnd making sure that the ambushes stopped them.

One of the leaders of the movement in Panjshir, nicknamed the National Resistance Front, is Ahmed Massoud, son of the well-known anti-Taliban leader Ahmed Shah Massoud.

Front spokesman Ali Maysam Nazari told AFP that the NLF was ready for a “protracted conflict” if no compromise was reached with the Taliban over a decentralized government.

According to the spokesman, thousands of Afghans came to Panjshir to fight against the new regime or for asylum. “We are ready to defend Afghanistan and warn of a bloodbath,” Massoud told Al Arabiya on Sunday.

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