Two women fall from a ravine when a hammock breaks in a Russian ravine – SinEmbargo MX


The women survived the trauma, but were injured and suffered some superficial scrapes and bruises.

Mexico City, 17 July (However). – two women were injured after fell from a hammock, that broke out and ended up in a ravine in Sulak Canyon, Dogestan, Russia.

Through a video shared on social networks, it appears that both women are climbing on a swing and being pushed by a man so that they can enjoy the view of the valley. Unexpectedly, one of the chains from which the seat hangs breaks and ends up throwing the two women into the narrow ravine.

Faced with this situation, other visitors started screaming and asking for help to the women.

The tourists were injured after falling on a wooden platform, and they also received some scrapes and bruises.

According to the Ministry of Tourism of Dagestan, this and other hammocks placed on top of the valley are subject to safety inspections. He admitted that it “did not abide by safety rules.”

The swing was on the edge of a cliff and didn’t have any kind of protection like a seat belt or seat belt.

In addition, it was located on a cliff with a depth of 1500 meters.

The Sulak Valley is located on the shores of the Caspian Sea, in Dagestan, one of the 22 republics of the Russian Federation.

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