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Saltillo, Coahuila. – With the aim of providing more efficient dissemination of research activities carried out at the Autonomous University of Coahuila, the Directorate of Research, Graduate Studies, Communications Coordination and Public Relations announced on Friday the creation of a Disclosure Committee. About science.

At a press conference, Deputy Director of Research at the Research and Graduate Studies Directorate, Dr. David Castro Lugo, Communication and Public Relations Coordinator, Dr. And a professor at the Faculty of Economics, important information about the measures that will be implemented.

Dr. David Castro Lugo noted that the Science Disclosure Committee at the Autonomous University of Coahuila faces the challenge of promoting and strengthening scientific communication activities and is made up of researchers from the three units, from the Saltillo Unit, Dr. Monica Chavez, Dr. Reina Rodriguez and Dr. Christina Martinez, while Dr. Yanette Ventura is participating Dr. Paula Melendez is in the Northern Unit, and Dr. Jorge Saadi is from the Torreon Unit.

He indicated that the Research and Graduate Studies Department will work side by side with the coordination of communication and public relations at the university, through the performance of various activities aimed at making society what UAdeC researchers do in the field of science. .

He commented that the university has a very large group in scientific terms, and pointed out that in 2020 24 books were published by the Research and Graduate Studies Directorate, and there are more than 60 external-funded research projects, in addition to 20 internal-funded projects through foundational projects and more than 240 A project without funding.

In addition, nearly 250 articles have been published in recognized journals, more than 20 in journals recognized by Conacyt and the university has five of its own in which the results of research conducted on science, technology and innovation are published.

He added that UAdeC has a record of 573 scientists, of whom 258 are part of the National System of Scholars (SNI). He emphasized that the Directorate of Research and Graduate Studies faces the challenge of defining what it is working on and how it affects the benefit of society, so he called to visit the page, where you can access everything that is currently being done.

For her part, Communications and Public Relations Coordinator, Dr. Julieta Karabaza Gonzalez, confirmed that they were already working on measures to promote the dissemination of science, but with the establishment of the commission and the union of both units, the best results.

He pointed out that they have already worked for some time on “science makers” programs that aim to spread the bibliographic heritage of researchers, from which entries for newspapers and video clips are issued to television and radio stations. It is also working on a “scientific link” project, where the results of the researcher’s work will be addressed.

He commented that there is a section about to launch in an institutional newsletter about science and the scientific work of researchers, along with other radio projects, including “Los Explicadores” where they will talk about what researchers are doing to solve social problems.

Carabaza Gonzalez called on the media to approach and learn about all that the university offers in the field of science and research, and announced that a press conference will be held on the last Friday of every month to spread activities in these fields.

Dr. Reina Rodriguez Perez said that, to achieve greater spread, work is underway on the radio program “La Mujer y la Ciencia”, which targets young women, with the aim of encouraging the women’s sector to join the scientific fields. Addressing the wage discrimination experienced by women.

The program will consist of an interview with a scientist who will share her experiences in the world of research, challenges, and satisfaction, as well as advice on how to advance in this field; He also indicated that work is underway to develop a calendar to follow up on the various topics that are being worked on at the university.

If you want to know more about the research work conducted at UAdeC, visit the page and on Facebook Research and Postgraduate UAdeC.

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