Students of the Enrique Quijada School have a Science Day – El Sol de Hermosillo


In order to have the sixth graders at Enrique Quijada Elementary School have a good time, professors from the Institute of Technology Hermosillo (ITH) held an Academic Day.

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In it, 21 basic education students learned about the benefits of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The chairperson of the ITH Student Association Executive Committee, Alberto Huze Raccoon, as well as members of the FemmmeSTEM and CESA committees participated in the activity.


Some of the experiments that were developed were using cornstarch and water. Food coloring, paper towels, candles and straws; In addition to the Jeopardy game, students’ skills in areas such as science, mathematics, history, riddles, jobs and storytelling are highlighted.

Of note, the Niño y la Ingeniería event is taking place at the request of the Enrique Quijada Primary School student staff.

The institution ranks 79th out of 1,479 basic education schools in Sonora thanks to its performance on the Planea Test, which measures performance in areas such as mathematics, Spanish, and civic education.

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