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The acknowledgment of academic merit is an event traditionally awarded to first, second and third place in each of the degrees studied in the Medical Surgeon degrees, and in the Environmental and Health Sciences, taught programs in the College of Medicine of the UASLP. In addition to the distinction of the top three of the generation of each of the races.

The Academic Merit Awarding Ceremony was held in the auditorium of the Faculty of Medicine and was chaired by the Rector, Dr. Alejandro Zerminio Guerra, accompanied by the Director of the Host Campus, Dr. Ismael Herrera Benavente and other teaching authorities of the faculty, which they admitted, have good teachers, but above all Something special students.

It should be noted that this year witnessed many draws due to the high academic level, especially in the sixth year of the surgeon’s career.

Recognition of academic merit is an internal award that has an impact on subsequent performance, especially in the profession of surgeon, where it has always been considered one of the first places for a generation to select some students within the specialty or hospital where they wish to go.

On this occasion, 48 young people were able to receive this honor, which among other goals, generates a healthy competition among the students, who are motivated to get an award like this one.

The students who took first places in the 2019-2020 generation are Santiago Coelí Barcena, BSc of Medical Surgeons, and Luis Antonio Rico Guerrero, BSc Environmental and Health Sciences, who recognized the opportunities they had when training academically. In the college of national prestige.

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