UAZ sports medicine, escorting athletes

UAZ sports medicine, escorting athletes

Sports medicine not only treats injuries but is also preventative, commented the Coordinator of Sports Medicine Medical Services at the Autonomous University of Zacatecas (UAZ), Lucia del Socorro Hernández Márquez.

In the same way, advice is given to those who have not practiced sports before and want to start it so that they do not suffer any injury, according to their requirements and guidance for sports life or physical activity. . Additionally, they focus on the treatment and recovery of sports injuries.

Socorro Hernandez called on the population to make sports a culture, from the early stages of life, so that they get used to always being physically active.

“Muscles and bones, if they are not used, are involved, and from the age of 30 or 40 they begin to have some deficiencies, and if they do not work, their performance begins to decline, after the elderly have many problems.”

He called the coordinator who started in 2017, with the football teams in the Premier League and the Third League, traveled with both and realized that many sports are practiced in the UAZ, on the one hand those belonging to the National Council for Sport Education (Condde), and on the other hand the Football Associations For young people, where there are more than 20 teams, from children’s dentistry to professional groups.

He said that because of the above, work has begun on a sports medicine growth project, where currently there are four offices, distributed in the Northern Sports Unit, one of them on the UAZ Siglo XXI Campus (21), in the university gymnasium, where there are five doctors and four specialists in Physiotherapists, they support the care of college athletes.

He noted that 700 rehabilitation consultations were attended last semester in six months, and despite the pandemic, 200 general medical consultations were given, in addition to supporting our COVID tests in cooperation with UAZ laboratories.

Similarly, three young men were operated on, after which rehabilitation began and directed them to return to sports life.
Finally, Hernandez invited all those who want to start sports to do it in stages, consulting a doctor.

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