The Faculty of Medicine strives to position itself in the national ranking – El Sol de Tampico

The Faculty of Medicine strives to position itself in the national ranking – El Sol de Tampico

The Faculty of Medicine “Dr. Alberto Romo Caballero from Tampico in Autonomous University of Tamaulipas UAT is entering its maturity stage 72 years after its founding, with the aim of solidifying its place in the national rankings with the support of the new educational model.

At that time there was no educational institution that provided the academic foundations to become a good doctor, so it was common to immigrate to San Luis Potosi, Monterrey or Mexico to enter a famous school, says its director, Raúl de Leon Escobedo.

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But after its opening in 1950, the medical school became a pioneer in Tamaulipas and after 72 years, today there are four schools with competition, which had to boost standards.

Which not only allows it to be higher than what exists in the entity and at the national level, where more than 50 thousand boys from all over the country compete for a place to form a medical residency or specialty.

This competition is held once a year and according to the performance shown by the graduates of each faculty in this examination a ranking is made, showing some very prestigious private and independent universities, such as Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosí, Aguascalientes and Querétaro. that appear in the first places.

And they strive to be more competitive

The Tampico School of Medicine was admitted to an intermediate school and this is known by the president of the university, Guillermo Mendoza Cavazos, who requested that an effort be made to make the campus more competitive and to be able to rise to the center and occupy the first places.

Although this depends on the performance of university students, the best option is to change the method of teaching to prepare them for the future, with a new educational model that seeks to create professionals from the first semester.

Theoretical and practical knowledge

To achieve this, Raúl de Leon Escobedo added, two medical units are planned to be established within the southern campus, where students will not only acquire theoretical knowledge, but also practical knowledge that will allow them to have a better development.

“The president of the university was very emphatic about the commitment of the teachers we also spoke with because some were taking things very lightly with this pandemic, but in reality they should be facilitators who motivate and provide knowledge,” he said.

He stressed that the College of Medicine is a community of 1,600 students and 175 professors in a training process that lasts 10 semesters, where the quality will increase in the classroom each time, with the aim of ascending to places in that national center where 50 thousand applicants apply. To medical housing is seeking to compete for 7 thousand places.

To achieve this, the new educational model will be used which will come into force in the next academic year, where graduates will undergo the first semester, however, for those who are in the third or fourth semester onwards, they will continue with the old model.

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“With the new educational model, it will be up to the newcomers to go to the competition even after six years, but this time it will be favorable because it will put the medical school in the top ten in the national rankings,” he said. Raoul the lion.

The interviewee stated that while it is true that there are four private schools in Tampico, the medical school has become a magnet for future health professionals because of its prestige and because of the cost per semester, the equivalent of one month. Another educational institution in the south of Tamaulipas.

It concluded that out of the 1,600 students in the faculty, with the support of Rector Guillermo Mendoza Cavazos, 650 receive scholarships subject to the criteria set by the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas.

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