Ubisoft loses leader amid spate of harassment complaints


Virginie Haas worked for 16 months in this position and will now be looking for “new activities”.

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Ubisoft just announced a rally Virgin Haas, one of the global production leaders who worked for 16 months In this position within the company. The company has stated that it is already looking for a successor, and in the meantime, the team it manages will be responsible for all the projects they are indulging in on their own.

Haas’ departure coincides with the difficult situation the company is inHaas decided to leave Ubisoft for research ‘Other activities’The company has suspended (according to VGC). His passing coincides with the difficult situation that this company has been in since then Many workers accuse Ubisoft of behavior such as hostile culture and harassment.

Ubisoft loses leader amid spate of harassment complaints

Away from Ubisoft’s comment, we don’t have any further details on this, as Haas hasn’t said anything about it yet. Before the position he is leaving today, he worked for the company for three years independent manager on his board, adding over four years of experience at Ubisoft.

Ubisoft has recently admitted this She did not act properly when faced with complaints from her workersThus, “people lost confidence”. Several employees mentioned it They are forbidden to speak to journalists, and that the company is trying to burial problem instead of solving it.

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