UCA participates in the DALILA project to enhance knowledge of renewable energies in Ugandan universities – Portal UCA


An initiative, funded by the Erasmus + programme, coordinated by the Sapienza University of Rome and aimed at African academic institutions

The University of Cadiz participates in the project meeting Delilah Which takes place in the week of September 26-30 in Uganda. During these days, the team – led by the Vice-Chancellor for Internationalization, Rafael Jimenez Castañeda, and Prof. German Jiménez Ferrer – attends the meetings and workshops organized by the two Ugandan partner universities of the project: Uganda Christian s Uganda martyrs. In addition, they are accompanied by colleagues from the Sapienza University of Rome, the project coordinator.

Delilah (Developing new academic curricula in sustainable energy and green economy in Africa) from the Erasmus + program, namely through the procedure Capacity building projects in the field of higher education, which focuses on supporting the improvement of university systems in partner countries. Its overall objective is to make the necessary technical and theoretical tools available to the local university community to respond to the growing energy demand in Uganda and Tanzania, particularly delving into the renewable energy sector.

The agenda of UCA members and partners focuses on delivering several seminars on renewable energies, circular economy, and entrepreneurship to the group of students participating in the courses planned in the project. Professors Rossio Rodriguez, Germain Alvarez and Jose Antonio Clavigo are participating in this training.

Finally, the visit will be used to conduct follow-up and update activities with all partners present, such as checking the installation of renewable energy laboratories that will allow students from the two Ugandan universities to improve their training in the sector.

Likewise, the visit will allow the two African universities to formalize agreements that will enhance the future cooperation of the University of Central Asia in the region.

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