UCAM participates in sending health aid to Uganda

UCAM participates in sending health aid to Uganda

MERCIA, August 29 (European press) –

The NGO Worldproject has organized a new expedition in Uganda for eight members, three of whom are professors from the Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM), who will provide free healthcare to patients in the area and train professionals, sources from the educational institution said in a statement.

The mission specifically consists of nurses Manuel Pardo, deputy dean of a degree in podiatry at the University of California. Giulio Fenzi and Asuncion Quirant, two professors at the Catholic University of Murcia; Manuel Luc, President of the NGO Worldproject; Daphne Granado (physiotherapist); Yasel Barra (Doctor) and Emergency Health Technicians Ruben Gabarone and Gustavo Lopez.

The mission will be on Wednesday, 12:00, at UCAM, to finalize preparations before departing for Madrid in the afternoon, where they will depart for Uganda. After last year’s experience, this group of educators and health professionals will travel to the African country along with the NGO WorldProject to carry out various humanitarian missions for several weeks.

The Catholic University of Murcia, an institution that promotes and cooperates with solidarity work in different parts of the world, helped to fund part of the work and equipment for a new clinic providing free health care to the residents of Kikaya district (Uganda).

Even there they will transport medical materials as well as provide training for the local team in various diseases and emergency and emergency procedures. In their international collaboration last year in Kikaia, they equipped an ambulance, an emergency clinic and trained health workers, where they were already able to get a stable team with a doctor, two nurses and a midwife.

In addition, during their stay, patients who could not go to a health center due to their health or age, were treated in their homes and taken to clinic and hospitals.

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