Uganda announced that it has discovered 31 million tons of gold

Uganda announced that it has discovered 31 million tons of gold

The extraordinary discovery of gold mines in Uganda For a total of 31 million tonsof which 320,000 could be mined in the first phase, has not yet deserved a single article in the mainstream media of the Western world.

Neither the Washington Post, nor the New York Times, nor any European media or agencies, with the exception of Reuters, have written a single line about what could constitute The most important huge discovery of pure gold in human history.

Although at the beginning of June in Uganda the information was already transmitted through Suleiman Mweta, Minister of Raw Materials and Energy Development in the East African country, it did not have any resonance in the main media and international news agencies, except in Reuters aforementioned.

Instead, there was talk of hunger in children From that region to the northwest of the country, and sabotage It was produced in recent days in an area called Karamoja where these recently found reserves are located.

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Explorations have been carried out across the country over the past two years. According to Moita, aerial exploration was used, as well as geophysical and geochemical investigations. So the largest deposits were discovered in a large dry area in the northeast of the country called Karamoja On the border with Kenya.

But gold was also found in the eastern, central and western regions. According to Mweta, the Chinese company Wagagai has set up a mine in eastern Uganda, and production is expected to start this year. The company invested 200 million US dollars to this end.

The Ugandan government under President Yoweri Museveni has recently focused its efforts on increasing investment in mining. This company will have a mandatory 15% stake of the Ugandan state in every mining operation in the country. Private investors will have to agree to a production sharing agreement with the government.

The Ugandan government’s plan aims to encourage the extraction of 5,000 kilograms of gold per day. This will be a very high production because it is expected to reach one year, it will produce 1,825 tons, which is about 51% of the world mining production recorded in 2021. To measure the amount discovered, it must be taken into account that at the end of 2021 In the history of mankind, the global amount of gold mined amounted to 205 thousand tons, compared to a potential 320 thousand found only in this African country.

Source: Bicentennial Radio

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