Uganda will soon destroy nearly 400,000 doses of expired coronavirus vaccine

MADRID, January 14 (European press) –

Ugandan authorities will destroy about 400,000 doses of coronavirus vaccines in the coming days because they expired before they were vaccinated as part of the country’s vaccination campaign.

The Ugandan Minister of Health, Jane Ruth Aceng, indicated that the doses were sent to the north of the country, and detailed that most of them were produced by Moderna, while a few belong to AstraZeneca, according to the Ugandan newspaper, “Daily Monitor.” ..

Minister of State for Health Margaret Mohanga said in December that the government was working to boost the vaccination campaign, especially in the north of the country, where the immunization rate remains low.

Thus, he acknowledged that the slow pace of vaccination affected the fight against the epidemic, at a time when less than 22 million people who were expected to be vaccinated received doses. The goal now is to reach 15 million vaccines by early January, Muhanga said.

Ugandan authorities have confirmed 156,637 cases of coronavirus so far, with 3,378 deaths, according to data provided by the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC), which is dependent on the African Union (AU).

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