Ugandan court orders release of house arrest


George Mosesi told CNN by phone: “The court decided that personal freedom is absolutely necessary so as not to be restricted casually or indefinitely.”

Judge Michael Elbow, who heads the court’s civil chamber, said that if the government had evidence against Wayne, he should be charged in court and not “detained without justification at home,” according to Mossessy.

Wayne, the popular singer, was the opposition’s front runner in the presidential election on January 14, and the military and police have surrounded his home since the election ended.

The Ugandan Electoral Commission has announced that Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has won the election for a record sixth term.

Wayne rejects the election results, saying he has evidence of fraud and intimidation.

He also posted on Twitter last week that no one was allowed to visit his home because he was besieged with his wife Barbara and his 18-month-old niece without food.

After attorneys were allowed to remove her for a short period, Wayne told CNN, his niece was evacuated “safely.”

Musisi said the soldiers were still in the compound and that the Ugandan army had a “history of challenging court orders.” He added that they would petition the court regarding every soldier who remained despised.

A Ugandan police spokesman said the officers still at Wayne’s home would leave the building.

“We are a law-abiding institution and we respect the Supreme Court ruling,” he told CNN on Monday.

Wayne’s team will decide within the next 24 hours whether to resume the election results. Muzisi added that Wayne’s team had hoped to make a decision sooner, but was unable to meet due to the house arrest.

The deadline to do this is February 2.

Museveni’s top press secretary, Don Wanyama, said Saturday that Wayne had no evidence of voter fraud.

“Uganda has procedures. The evidence of fraud is in the courts, not on CNN.”

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