UK wants to extradite Kevin Spacey

UK wants to extradite Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey during a recent visit to Turin to participate briefly in an Italian film. / M. Benca / Reuters

If the American actor refuses to appear in a British court, where he is accused of the alleged crime of sexual assault

Commercial Record

The British government is preparing a formal request that it will send to the United States in the near future to demand the extradition of actor Kevin Spacey, accused of an alleged sexual assault. This is what legal sources indicated, Sunday, compiled by the British newspaper “The Guardian”.

The same source explained that the process will be activated if the actor, who won two Oscars, does not agree to travel to the UK voluntarily to appear in court. In this case, the UK Home Office’s International Crime Directorate will request his extradition to be arrested in the US and then extradited to the UK.

Kevin Spacey, 62, learned last Thursday that the Crown Prosecutor’s Office had authorized an indictment against him for four counts of sexual assault against three men. It was allegedly committed between 2005 and 2013 in London and Gloucestershire, according to information gathered in its investigation by Scotland Yard, Europa Press reports.

Back to the cinema

After apparently recovering from similar accusations in the US – which ended up in lawsuits – that separated him from the scene in 2017 – he was fired from the hit TV series ‘House of Cards’ and hasn’t appeared in a movie since 2018. The famous artist to return to the cinema. Specifically, he will appear in an Italian film directed by former Franco Nero and in which he will play the role of a detective in some kind of cameo.

The extradition process can take months as the US Department of Justice has to decide whether there is a “probable cause” of the crime. After that, an arrest warrant will be issued and judicial proceedings begin, which can be appealed in any way and which will certainly limit the crimes he can be accused of.

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