You will be able to continue sharing your Netflix account in the short term | entertainment

You will be able to continue sharing your Netflix account in the short term |  entertainment

It looks like Netflix is ​​in no rush to restrict account sharing any time soon.

The start of the year has not been a quiet one for Netflix, which, in the face of a continuing loss of subscribers, has launched a series of plans to limit account sharing and enable a new subscription model covered with certain ads.

She believes that Netflix considers that it is not right to share accounts, especially with people who do not live in the same house, which is why they are developing a new strategy that they will implement at the end of the year. , which is a strategy they are testing in certain countries but which obviously won’t make it to places like Europe or the United States in the short term.

and people Tkradar They contacted Netflix to ask if they intended to extend password-sharing testing to the US this summer, noting that “We are working to understand how useful these features will be to members in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru, before we make changes anywhere else in the world. We don’t have much more to share at this time“.

This way, it doesn’t look like in the coming weeks these account sharing restriction tests will be expanded to other countries in the world, so you can continue to share an account with all your friends and family all this summer, as more flow is consumed by getting more free time.

In any case These are decisions that Netflix doesn’t even noticeso it cannot be excluded that even in the coming weeks these plans can be extended to new countries, so we will have to be very attentive to the combined use of all our accounts to protect them in the future.

In principle, Netflix only wants to keep track of those shared accounts that are made outside the home, so if you’ve shared your account with your kids or with your parents who live in the same house, you won’t have any problem.

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