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  • In memory of Jorge Viveros Parker, one of the pioneers of radiology at the local, national and international level
  • Students from the TSU Radiology educational program organized an event that seeks to raise awareness about medical imaging

The Faculty of Ultraviolet Medicine held the 4th Radiology Congress in memory of Jorge Viveros Parker

Claudia Peralta Vasquez

Photos: Luis Fernando Fernandez

11/15/2022, Xalapa, Ver.- Students of the Educational Program (PE) Technician of the Higher University (TSU) in Radiology, attached to the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Veracruzana (UV), organized the 4th Radiology Congress, on November 15 and 16, in memory of Jorge Viveros Parker. , a former academic of that educational entity and advocate of radiology at the local, national and international level.

During the event held within the framework of World Radiology Day, which is celebrated on November 8 of each year for the discovery of X-rays in 1895, Monica Sandoval García, Director of the Faculty of Medicine, emphasized that the purpose of the conference is to attract the attention of the population and create awareness of the benefits and development of medical imaging Through continuous technological innovation.

In Hybrid Chapter #3, by students and academics, he explained that radiology is the medical specialty responsible for generating images of the inside of the body through various physical factors: x-rays, ultrasound, magnetic fields, and others.

Then, these images are used for diagnosis and, to a lesser extent, for predicting and treating diseases, because with access to quality imaging services and well-trained professionals, lives can be saved.

Therefore, he appreciated the initiative of the students in organizing these conferences in memory of Dr. Viveros Parker, who was a professor in the college and pioneered in Xalapa radiological practice by bringing the latest technology which, even now, remains a benchmark.

Seven years after leaving the earthly plane, Sandoval García recalled the treatment and human quality of Jorge Viveros towards his patients, family members and doctors who requested his services, as well as his professional and corporate performance as a radiologist at the Regional Hospital of Xalapa “Luis F. Nacon”.

Monica Sandoval García, director of the College of Medicine, highlighted the role of the radiology technician

Monica Sandoval García, director of the College of Medicine, highlighted the role of the radiology technician

“He was always someone willing to help with a diagnosis, regardless of the patients’ sociocultural level, which makes that warmth so tangible.”

As an academic, Viveros Parker has been a coach to many generations of students, both in the classroom and in the hospital where he worked.

He emphasized that no matter in the public or private sector, he was a clear example of empathy for his patients, and a true proof that love for the profession will always be acknowledged in spite of time.

After the inauguration, by Lauro Fernández Cañedo, responsible for coordinating medical education; Claudia Magdalena López-Hernandez, Secretary of the Faculty of Medicine, also highlighted the students’ interest in seeking alternatives or other courses that would allow them to consolidate the knowledge and skills they should acquire during their training.

In this sense, he said, the Faculty of Medicine gives them all support so that they acquire these necessary skills and can practice the profession, especially now that face-to-face activities have resumed.

The official also announced that the demand for PE is high, however, in each entry period, only 32 students are admitted.

The event was organized by students from TSU's educational program in radiology

The event was organized by students from TSU’s educational program in radiology

He said the final competency score is optimal, and every effort is being made to maintain it. Given their role in timely diagnosis and primary health care, graduates must be well prepared and trained.

On the first day of the activities, the conferences dealt with: History of Radiology and Physical Principles of X-Rays. What is a mammogram? 3D Conformal Radiotherapy in Craniospinal Therapy; EVC: imaging approach; breast augmentation. updates on the imaging approach to COVID-19; and artificial intelligence in radiology.

Topics such as Spinal Infections: An Imaging Approach; counter media; Virtual Colon Biological Effects of X-Ray-TSU; The utility of hybrid studies. and MRI of skeletal muscles.

At the opening ceremony, the presence of Teresita del Niño de Jesús Aguilar López, the teacher’s advisor, stands out.

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