UNAM and IPN, with remote activities for medical students


Mexico /

After the metropolitan government published in the Official Gazette that public and private universities in Mexico City will be able to open activities starting Monday, February 22nd for health sciences students, UNAM and IPN reported that there will be no school opening and will continue to operate remotely.

The National Polytechnic Institute He stressed that the health of his community is a priority. Therefore, as part of her training process in the fields of health sciences, she is adapting to: “Bylaw of Professional Qualifications of the International Intellectual Property Network”Therefore, the degree seminars currently being conducted online in this manner will continue as scheduled.

The field of social media ruled out that on Monday there will be a reopening of schools on various polytechnic campuses.

This came in response to what was published at the end of the week in the Official Gazette of Mexico City, of the forty-sixth notice according to which the color of the epidemic traffic light was released, which indicates.

“As of February 22, 2021, public and private universities located in Mexico City will be able to hold practical classes and laboratories, only for students awaiting completion of graduation and who belong to any of the fields of health sciences, and health protection measures must be strictly adhered to …”

Meanwhile, social networking for UNAM until tonight has not considered reopening schools Activities will be kept at a distance.


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