UNAM is the second best university in Latin America

UNAM is the second best university in Latin America

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) is the second best university in Latin America and the best in Mexico, according to the QS University Ranking.

UNAM is only surpassed by the University of Buenos Aires, in Argentina, in the same order.

In Mexico, UNAM is affiliated with the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies (ITESM), Colegio de México, Universidad Panamericana, Universidad Anáhuac de México, and Universidad Iberoamericana.

The ranking was released a few hours ago and evaluates 1,400 universities in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Some data from UNAM

UNAM was inaugurated on September 22, 1910 under the name National University of Mexico.

Although the first time there was interest in establishing a university was during New Spain. It was 1536 when Archbishop Fray Juan de Zumaraga unveiled the idea. However, the Certificate of Creation of the Royal and Grain University of Mexico was not issued until September 1551.

Although Ciudad Universitaria is the main campus and is most defined by residents, UNAM has different campuses in the metropolitan area.

In total, the university has 15 faculties, five interdisciplinary units, and eight national schools. It also has a presence throughout the Mexican Republic; as well as internationally.

UNAM has a score of 123 and is the most sought-after option in the Urban Commission for Public Institutions of Higher Secondary Education (COMIPEMS) examination.

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