Universities in the United States remain on top of the Shanghai 2022 ranking

Universities in the United States remain on top of the Shanghai 2022 ranking
US universities
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with Harvard In first place for the 20th year in a row, US universities continue to dominate the top spots in the Shanghai 2022 Ranking, which was published on Monday.

Anglo-Saxon universities occupy the top ten. This includes the eight Americans and two Britons who were in the “top ten” in the 2022 edition of this global ranking of the best higher education centers, which has been put together since 2003 by independent consultancy Shanghai Ranking Consultancy.

US universities

Harvard University takes the first place, ahead of Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which is still in third place, while Britain’s Cambridge is fourth.

Below are America’s Berkeley (5th place), Princeton (6th), and British Oxford (8th).

In all, 39 universities in the United States are placed in the top 100. There are also 14 Asians and 32 Europeans.

The Shanghai classification takes into account several criteria. This includes the number of Nobel laureates and field medals among graduate students and faculty; The number of most cited researchers in their discipline; and number of publications in science and nature journals.

This year, more than 2,500 centers were reviewed to determine the 1,000 rating.

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