US work permit, who and how to apply online? | international | News

US work permit, who and how to apply online?  |  international |  News

the United States Immigration Service On Monday, he announced the opening of a digital window that allows Asylum seekers apply for a work permit (work permit) online.

The measure, which comes into effect from this week, is for asylum seekers who have a work permit under category C (8), i.e. political asylum.

the USCIS Going forward, he said, “some asylum seekers can file Form I-765 or work authorization application, EAD, online.”

There are many citizens of the world who see the United States as the ideal place to work and have a better quality of life. Photo: Bet_Noire

If you apply to any of these five immigration programs, you can live legally in the United States

Effective immediately, applicants for a Class C(8) work permit (suspended asylum seekers, stay of removal, and asylum seekers suspended under the ABC Settlement Agreement) may file Form I-765 online.

This benefit can also be obtained for those who benefit from Withholding of Removal, which allows them to remain despite an expulsion order, due to a well-founded fear that they may be in danger in their home countries.

This is how the United States will make it easier for asylum seekers to apply for work

Those who have applied for asylum and want to apply for a work visa must do so through Form I-765150 days after submitting your asylum application. What changes is that this presentation can now be done online.

Likewise, immigrants will be able to apply for a card and Social Security insurance through the same form.

Sign in to USCIS and open an account so you can process your application. Photo: Greenwalds

Step by Step

  • Create an account at
  • Form I-765 is available on the website.
  • Online filing is only available to certain categories of Form I-765 applicants, which now include asylum seekers.
  • Who can complete the online process to request a work permit for the United States
  • The categories of approved applicants are:
  • Immigrants with a pending Form I-485
  • Request to register permanent residence or amend status
  • Immigrants with a pending Form I-589
  • asylum application and stay of deportation; Nonimmigrant individuals who are permitted to reside in the United States, but who require permission from USCIS to accept employment (i.e. F-1 or M-1 student)

If you submit Form I-765 online to apply for a work permit and you do not apply in an eligible category, USCIS may deny your application and withhold the fee. The registration fee is $410.

The action comes amid a major immigration crisis that can be seen at the southern border of the United States, where thousands of immigrants are waiting to enter the country. Just last December, about 300 thousand undocumented people were arrested in the country.

According to official data, from last October to December 31, US Customs and Border Protection made 863,929 arrests, compared to 205,691 in the same period in fiscal 2022. (YO)

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