UTH trains students from Mexico and the United States – El Sol de Hermosillo

UTH trains students from Mexico and the United States – El Sol de Hermosillo

With the course Introduction to Semiconductors and Their Applications course, the Hermosillo Technological University (uth), opened its doors to students from different cities in the United States and Mexico for training.

The Dean of the Foundation, Abel Leyva Castellano, noted that “this workshop will serve as a guide to entering a new field of knowledge for some,” and that it reaffirms the process of working with other institutions.

On this occasion Universities of Dallas, Texas. New Mexico and Arizona, as well as the Autonomous University of Puebla and Ciudad Juárez, were the students in this workshop, who took a 40-hour course (20 face-to-face and 20 individual).

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The learning they gained in this course was about the historical and technical development of semiconductor materials. See the concepts of diodes, transistors, sensors, chips, solar cells, and more.

The course instructors were: Dr. Santos Jesús Castillo, Research Professor in the Research Department of Physics – University of Sonora, and MC Eduardo Chávez Mendiola, Professor of Mechatronics Profession Research at the Technological University of Hermosillo, who admitted more than 40 enrollments in the class.

Leva Castellano indicated that there is a brotherhood between the educational institutions of the state. We have worked to deliver on these teaching commitments, in this case by teaching the basic concepts of semiconductor materials and the various semiconductor manufacturing techniques and processes for manufacturing devices based on them.

He also specified that with this working group they began to deal with educational institutions jointly, and that there were very clear links and with very precise objectives to be able to form an actual response to what the state of Sonora and the country required.

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“This new area will have a new geo-economic location, but it will need to support a new field of knowledge based on this subject,” the university president noted.

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