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Some data from 2008 for an official in International Olympic Committee (IOC) Now highlighting the winning nomination Sydney to house Olympic Games from 2000. In them, John Coates asserts that these “largely” the Olympics “Sold”. The same thing after the information guardianleft his position as President of Australian Olympic Committee.

British media discovered an interview in which John Coates offered different payments to two commissions of Africa Against the vote on his candidacy in 1993. It must be remembered, at this point, that in those days what could be defined today as corruption was accepted.

Hence, the Australian was acquitted in 1999 of any wrongdoing by buying votes for Sydney to be the Olympic venue for the 2000 Olympic Games. The action was allegedly comparable to bribery. But Tom Sheridanan independent case-study report auditor, noted that payments were not made directly to members International Olympic Committee.

change the rules

In those years, John Coates was Vice Chair of the Sydney Olympic Bid Committee. Thus, he gave grants to Kenya s Uganda to secure your vote. These payments were within the IOC’s bidding rules, but were changed once this happened.

Not because of the Sydney case, but because of the nomination Salt Lake City to Winter Olympics 2002. It is the spokesperson for the International Olympic Committee who confirms guardian No agency regulations have been violated before Australia.

“At the time of the Sydney 2000 bid, financial support for the National Olympic Foundation’s bid for the development of sport was not included in the rules in force at the time. When this situation became public, it was said that the rules at the time were not broken. But immediately after that the code of conduct for the upcoming candidacy process was changed in 2003.”

Olympic Coordinating Committee Chairman John Coats


John Coats himself admitted that he made a promise $35,000 a Charles Mukawraa member of the International Olympic Committee from Kenya, and Frances NyangwisoUgandan. In 2009, he stated that he “won’t die” wondering why they didn’t win. In addition, he emphasized that there was nothing “evil” in the whole process.

Later, in 2004, he explained the occasion of the investigation of BBC that “no payments were made, and letters with commitments were delivered to two African oil companies”. Although Francis Nyanguizu was acquitted of any wrongdoing, Charles Mukura resigned from the IOC in 1999. The Ugandan was also accused of receiving payments, into his own bank account, from the Salt Lake City bid.

John Coates’ lawyers have always maintained that their client did not break any rules. The Australian leader himself explained how his rapprochement came about: “I obviously think the Ugandan and Kenyan members were very nervous about having to deal with me because I sat at their table at a big banquet the night before.”

“So I just went up to them and said, ‘Look, if you vote for us and we do, there’s $50,000 each for your Olympic committee, 10 a year for the next five years or whatever, you’re telling them it’s for sporting purposes,'” Coates continued.

“After that, everything was checked and it turned out that one of them had directed 10 million into his own bank account,” he said. For this reason, he stated that a purchase of the 2000 Olympics had been proposed. Although to finish the job, he emphasized that they had done so “to a great extent”. “We spent a decent amount of money,” revealed John Coates, who boasted of organizing camps in his country for African teams.

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