Video. A young woman confronts a bear to defend her dogs in California


A 17-year-old girl encountered California Until now very to save their dogs.

American media reported that the event, which occurred on Monday in the San Gabriel Valley, CaliforniaIt spread quickly when the video was broadcast, and it was captured by a surveillance camera.

The tape that the girl’s cousin uploaded to him Tik Tok, shows a bear with its cubs walking through the fence of the girl’s house, identified as Healy. Dogs run and bark and confront the animal that is defending itself.

At that moment, as you can see Healy He runs out and pushes the bear, after which he takes one of the dogs and orders the others to enter the house.

.’s mother HealyCitlally Morinico said on her Facebook account that it was “one of the scariest moments of my life”.

KTLA TV pointed out that Healy At first he thought the dogs were barking at others but when he went out to look, he noticed the bear on the fence.

“I saw I had caught my dog ​​Valentina, and I ran. He is a puppy. My first thought is to push the bear. And somehow it worked.” Healy. According to KTLA, the young woman wiggled her finger, but she’s fine other than that.

Healy People are advised not to imitate it. “Don’t push the bears. Don’t do what I did. The result may not be the same.” advertiser.


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