video. Guinness Book of Records for parking in the smallest space

video.  Guinness Book of Records for parking in the smallest space

The nightmare of many parallel parkingThe degree of difficulty increases when the available space, which is becoming increasingly scarce on the streets, seems smaller than what is required for our car. What for some is an impossible mission, for an acrobatic pilot Paul Swift became a challenge that awarded him a Guinness World Record.

During the British Motor Show 2022 in Farnborough, Paul Swift broke a record twice by setting a mark for Parallel parked tighter in an electric carwhere time was tight because everything had to happen in seconds.

For this maneuver, the exciting pilot had Mini E, the electric prototype of the traditional British car brand. Swift only had three seconds to park in the space created by two Mini Coopers, parked parallel to the curb.

Many drivers say The perfect way to a parallel garden is only 3 moves, demonstrating your driving skills, knowledge of your vehicle’s dimensions, and your ability to analyze whether your vehicle will be able to park in a particular location. These are all newbie things for Swift who did it in style, moreover, in one step.

The maneuver seemed simple to the pilot, who only accelerated a few metres Before he turns half a turn and stops his car in one motion between the two surrounding him, only 30 cm is left. The measurement is taken by subtracting the length of the parked car from the parking space.

A day earlier, he himself had created the record himself but only left 35cm.

So that you do not just read it, in the next video you will find the maneuver. Can you do it better and faster?

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