Santa Rosa de Lima: You can now send your messages via WhatsApp or email | August 30 | good luck | nda | nnni | sports game

Santa Rosa de Lima: You can now send your messages via WhatsApp or email |  August 30 |  good luck |  nda |  nnni |  sports game

On August 30 every year, thousands of believers gather to honor them , the patron saint of America and deposit their letters in I Wish Well, as an act of faith and gratitude. The religious event is a tradition that has been preserved over the years.

However, in view of those devotees who are not in a position to attend this religious meeting, messages have been sent through various digital platforms, including .

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How to send your message to Santa Rosa via WhatsApp

  • The virtual mailbox is already enabled for believers to write their wishes which will be transferred to the Wishing Well of Santa Rosa de Lima next Tuesday, August 30.
  • Due to the ongoing pandemic, the public is invited to send their letters to the mail: [email protected] Or also through WhatsApp
  • You can also send messages through an account And the .
  • a A group of volunteers from Santa Rosa de Lima He will be responsible for printing all messages sent to the digital platforms and depositing them in Wishing Well, in the center of Lima.


  • Sanctuary of Santa Rosa de Lima is located in: Tacna Street No. 100, Cercado de Lima.
  • Remember to go to the “wish well” in an organized manner.
  • Don’t know how to get there? That’s why we leave Google Maps to you so you can orientate yourself.
  • Remember that with the anti-Covid-19 protocol, it is best to go to one person per household.
  • Also remember to bring your ID and vaccination card to enter the Wish You Well.

Questions for the Google Assistant about SANTA ROSA

To continue learning more about Santa Rosa de Lima, here are some questions you can ask the Google Assistant about Santa Rosa Day:

  • When was Santa Rosa born?
  • What is the real name of Santa Rosa?
  • Why did they call her Rosa?
  • Who are the parents of Santa Rosa?
  • Who was Gaspar Flores?
  • Who was Maria de Oliva y Herrera?
  • When did Gaspar Flores married Maria de Oliva?
  • Where did Santa Rosa live when he was 12 years old?
  • How old was Santa Rosa when he died?
  • From what did Santa Rosa die?
  • How was the mosquito miracle?
  • What was the miracle of the ancient lemon tree?
  • How was the miracle of Santa Rosa in the Philippines?
  • What did Santa Rosa do in 1615?
  • What works did Santa Rosa de Lima do?
  • Where are the remains of Santa Rosa?
  • What built Santa Rosa in his house in Lima?

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