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On And in other social networks, there is a lot of talk about the girl’s original responses to a pushup. Javi Matron, a professor from Spain, made them known through a photo taken in a blink of an eye.

The exercise completed by the young student consists of converting numbers written with letters into numbers written with numbers; However, the reference given in the book can be interpreted in two ways. Write the following numbers in numbers.The statement says.

Specifically, the younger ones, upon reading it, realized that they had to put the consecutive numbers to those that were already written. When the teacher began reviewing what she put into the exercise, he realized that her answers could be considered wrong and at the same time correct, so I decided to seek help in Twitter.

“Should I correct it or tell her it is okay?”The man who was consulted through his personal account (), On February 23 of this year, attached to a photo of the responses of the young student. It didn’t take long for it to become viral, which caused a huge controversy among users.

And is that many netizens considered what she put in was good, while others argued that she was wrong. Due to the large number of divided opinions, the picture ended up making it to other social networks, where it also made a huge impact.

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