Viral: Mexican genius girl will study medicine at the age of 10!

Mexico It is full of good stories and people who are raising the name of the country. Although it is sometimes believed that this only happens in sports, the reality is quite different and there are cases like Michele Arellanogirl from Chiapas Ten-year-old is already preparing for school medicine.

Michelle It is a special case. She has an IQ of 158 points which led her to Once you’re a kid, you’re on the cusp of a college degree.

According to his parents, Michelle He learned to speak English when he was only a year and a half old. At the age of four, he was already literate in both languages.

During its primary stage, Michele Arellano He excelled so quickly that he got bored in school because he mastered the subjects easily. Therefore, his parents had to call Secretariat of Public Education (SEP)And the who decide to apply for two years (from fourth grade to sixth grade in primary school).

Later, he attended high school and earlier this year, Michelle He adopted his basic education and took the exam Cignal subordinate preparatory.

Now, she is on her way to study for a career and fulfill her dream of becoming a cardiovascular surgeon and marine biologist.



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