Benades said they hope to “find some additional resources” for science as part of the accountability debate

The parliamentarian defended the resources provided by the government, but emphasized that science and technology are “power” so they want to achieve a favorable redistribution of funds.

This Saturday, National Democratic Senator Gustavo Benades spoke about the parliamentary debate on accountability and said science and technology is an issue they will seek to make more resources available for.

Although parliamentarians cannot provide more money than the total amount expected in surrender, it can be redistributed to achieve the goal. Science is “a topic that is gaining a lot of power,” Benadis said, so they will seek to find “some additional resources.” He said: “We aspire to be able to find additional resources in the House and the Senate as well.”

In general, Penadés defended the “presentation of accounts” and asserted that this was the case which in the opposition “hardly merits any criticism”. He noted the salary agreement with officials and teachers, as well as the provision of “extraordinary” resources in some areas.

The legislator made statements in the framework of the annual gathering organized by Herrerismo, which was attended on this occasion by government authorities such as the Secretary of the Presidency, Alvaro Delgado.

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