Viral: Nooooo! A woman eating a potato was worth two million pesos!

Viral: Nooooo!  A woman eating a potato was worth two million pesos!

A woman lost the opportunity to make a great fortune when she found a chip, but did not know how valuable it was and ate it

A few days ago, a potato snack brand from London communicate Walker crackerslaunch dynamic for February 14th for him Valentine’s Daywhich consists of finding a potato in the shape of a heart inside one of the millions of bags found, whatever the woman is He didn’t know what he was doing and made a huge mistake by eating it, missing out on the chance to win a big reward.

Dawn SagarThe woman’s name reveals to the media that she made a huge mistake by eating the chip that was more valuable than she thought, and she says she is sorry to discover how valuable it was.

The woman from London stated that she did not know about the competition issued by the company, Also, before eating it, he sent a picture to his friends because he thought it was a good thing to do because it was Valentine’s Day.

“At first I didn’t realize the fries were worth the money because I hadn’t heard of the contest. I sent them to my friends because I found them the day after Valentine’s Day and I think they look cute,” said Skinny.

Dawn was warned by her friends not to eat the potatoes because they knew of the competition, but it was too late by then Each one has been completed Chips that was inside the bag.

He added, “It wasn’t until they texted me not to eat it because of the competition, but I actually ate the French fries, unfortunately now the potatoes are gone and I’m not in the race to win the competition.”

famous brand Walker crackers He announced the competition through his Twitter account, stating that the person who found the best heart-shaped crispy potato could win 100,000 euros, which is about two million Mexican pesos.

“We’re giving away £100,000 to the lucky winner who finds the best crisp heart in their pack of crisps, big hearts, little hearts, bubble hearts and crisp hearts, and we want to see it all!”


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